HVAC Concepts can provide customers with the means to devise and perform advanced analytics of the data that is collected and make it readily available in real-time. This can include custom analytics rules programmed into existing controls software or providing dedicated analytics software solutions. Some of the systems that we can do analytics with, as a Master Systems Integrator, include Building Automation Systems (BAS), Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) and the broader Internet of Things (IoT). If data is being collected from intelligent systems or devices, then there is an opportunity to analyze the data.

Advanced Analytics provides customers with:

  • Increased Energy Efficiencies & Savings
  • Greater Operational Efficiencies & Savings
  • Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Just-In-Time Services
  • Fault Detection & Diagnosis (FDD)
  • Increased Equipment & Systems Longevity
  • Better Regulations Compliance

HVAC Concepts can facilitate conducting analytics at the cloud or at the edge as well as a hybrid of the two implementations (edge & cloud). Conducting analytics at the edge will enable higher frequency processes and activities to be captured and analyzed. These higher frequency processes and activities at the edge are traditionally not an option while conducting analytics only at the enterprise or cloud level. The results of the edge analytics can also be rolled up and further analyzed in the cloud for anomalies and process improvements across an organizations entire enterprise.

Advanced Analytics Distech Controls Dashboard