CopperTree Analytics

CopperTree Analytics

Long before “sustainability” became a buzz word, our founders were involved in energy audits and consulting. In 2011, CopperTree Analytics was formed as a response to the growing demand for building energy management services. We have an implicit understanding of the technology that controls buildings, as well as an understanding of the practicalities of maintaining them. CopperTree Analytics ensures that each customer receives a solution that results in time and resource savings.

Using CopperTree's automated rules and reporting helps us swiftly and easily comply with new regulatory obligations, and reduce the time it takes to report on them to government agencies. CopperTree has been a long-time partner of HVAC Concepts, making us one of the most successful Integrator of Things™ today.

CopperTree has over 40 years of buildings and temperature controls industry experience. They have currently deployed close to 2,000 client buildings on 4 continents.* And, they analyze over 450 million square feet of building stock.*

CopperTree has been a long-time partner of HVAC Concepts, helping to making HVAC Concepts one of today’s most successful Integrator of Things™.


* numbers reported as of Feb 2019.