Customer Testimonials

At HVAC Concepts, we value our customers and are grateful for their willingness to share their appreciation for the expertise, commitment, and integrity we strive for every day.

Everyone at HVAC Concepts strives to do things right the first time and our corporate culture is to stand behind all the work we perform for our customers and provide the best customer service.


The success we have experienced over the years is in no small part due to Wawa finding and working with HVAC Concepts, a true visionary partner.  They do so many things right because of their experience and integrity but they also embrace and embed themselves with the visionary aspects we collectively bring to the table.  For Wawa, all of these attributes are critical characteristics we look for in our partners and they are not readily found in a single partnership like the one we have had and continue to have with HVAC Concepts.

Pat Hagan, Building Automation Director, Wawa


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I have worked with HVAC Concepts and had known the founder for over 30 years. I have found them to provide excellent service, very competitive proposals, with 24/7 support and I highly recommend them.

Robert Burgess, Principal, Burgess Green Facilities Service